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What is an Emergency?

There are very few “true” emergencies. An emergency is a life-threatening situation which threatens/damages life, limb or property.

  • Emergencies presenting eminent danger CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY

  • Emergencies involving natural gas:  Vacate the premise immediately, CALL 911…then promptly notify Southwest Gas at (702) 365-1111.

  • Emergencies involving IMMEDIATE electrical danger, CALL 911, then notify NV Energy at (702) 402-5555.

  • After contacting either of the above, contact PMLV immediately to report the problem.

    • An emergency is NOT a malfunctioning A/C unit/furnace, but PMLV recognizes this is important and will make it a priority with vendors to have the air conditioner/ heat working as soon as is possible. Nevada Law allows 48 hours for these items to be fixed. Holidays and weekends are not included in the 48 hour time frame. Please do not call the after-hours number to report this as we will not be able to do anything until business hours. You can email the request at any time but please reserve the phone calls for normal business hours. If your A/C stops working please turn off the system to reduce the risk of further damage to the unit.

    • An emergency is NOT a non-working dishwasher, ceiling fan, burned out light bulb, etc.

    • For emergencies such as backed up plumbing, flooding, tree damage, etc., call the office or afterhours number and leave a message with your complete contact information, property address and a description of the problem so the manager can contact a vendor for maintenance. Your call will be returned.


Requesting Non-Emergency Repairs

  • All maintenance requests must be made in writing. The easiest way to do this is to submit a request under the maintenace request tab.

  • Remember, this is a NON-EMERGENCY request and in most cases, the vendor will not be able to visit the property immediately.

  • The vendor will contact you to set an appointment that works for both you and the vendor. If you arrange an appointment with a vendor but you fail to show up, you will be charged the vendor’s trip fee.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, be certain to communicate with the vendor with as much notice as soon as possible.  Generally, a 24 hr. notice is requested.

  • If you do not hear from a vendor or repair person within 1 business days, contact the office. Make sure to listen to any voice messages from unknown numbers.

  • If a vendor makes a service call that is deemed “user error”, the fee for the service call will be your responsibility. Users Manuals which describe proper use and care of the units are available via download at the website of the manufacturer of the product.  You will need to the model number of the appliance to search the manufacturer’s website for this document.



Item #26 in your lease agreement outlines Maintenance. Please make sure you have read and fully understand this section. You will have 7 days from the time of move-in to report any maintenance issues that need to be resolved before you begin to bear responsibility for maintenance items.  Please check for leaks – faucets, under sinks, washing machine hoses, hot water heaters, toilets. Your lease agreement holds you responsible for all minor maintenance items up to $100**.


Should you need maintenance please submit all maintenance requests using the maintenance request tab. You may call our office to verify your request has been received. The vendor to which we dispatched your request will contact you directly to set up a mutually agreeable time to address your service request.  You will also be given the vendors information, if you would like to take the initiative to coordinate with them. The vendor is only able to address the items on your maintenance request, so please do not ask them to fix anything without approval from our office, nor expect them to relay “other items” to us.  Contact us directly.     


Typical items that are tenant responsibility are listed below.  Please note:  some of these may be more than the $100 limit.  If any maintenance item is caused by neglect, tenant will bear the responsible for the entire cost of repair.)

  • Garbage Disposals: You will be charged the vendor fee for unblocking a garbage disposal if any of the following are found to have blocked the garbage disposal: bones, banana peels, corn husks, pasta, cornmeal, stringy vegetables, “twister” seals, screws, nails, cigarette butts, flower clippings, toys, coins, grease, shellfish shells, celery, onion skins, potato peels, rice, meat fats, artichokes, bottle caps, rubber bands, string, popcorn kernels, egg shells, coffee grounds, glass, utensils, fruit pits, washcloths, or sponges.  A rule of thumb is…

If you can’t chew it, don’t put it in the garbage disposal.

  • You may have to place your hand into the disposal to remove any foreign object and then use a disposal wrench to free the blades. There is a red reset button that the bottom of the disposal which may need to be pushed to reset to get the unit operational again. 

  • Toilet blockage:  Blockage will occur if excess paper or foreign objects are put in the toilet and flushed.  Do not flush anything except toilet paper!  You may wish to purchase a plunger just in case.

  • Water and/or toilet overflow: You will be held responsible for damage caused by sink/tub/washer/toilet overflow.   This can include damage to the property you are using, as well as adjoining property (as in the case of apartments & condo’s).  (check your renters insurance policy for water damage coverage)

  • Lost Key: If you lose your key, we hold a backup copy in file at our office. A copy of the key may be obtained from us, at that location, during regular business hours. There is a nominal fee of $5.00.   After hours, you must arrange for a locksmith to change the lock at your cost.  PMLV is not responsible for replacing lost keys.  If you replace the lock, you are responsible to provide us a copy for our files.

  • Light bulb replacement: Replacement bulbs can be purchased at most home improvement stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) , “big box” stores (Walmart, K-Mart, etc.) and most grocery stores.   Please replace bulbs with the same wattage as was originally found. 

  • Air filter replacement:  Replacing air filters will lend to a cleaner environment for you to live in (less dust on furniture, as well as in air you breathe) as well being required maintenance for your HVAC system. HVAC system failures that are attributed to not changing air filters will be a cost charged to the tenant.  The average cost to replace an HVAC compressor is $2,500.  It is to your benefit to change the air filters regularly.  If your air filter is a stiff plastic material, it is a reusable air filter.  You can rinse these filters, dry them and reuse them in the system.  Heavier grease build up can be removed from the filter by running them in the top shelf of your dishwasher. DO NOT DRY ON THE DRY CYCLE if you do so. 

  • Dryer Maintenance:  Please clean your dryer filter after each use. Lint can build up and cause damage or fire. If you notice your dryer is taking longer than normal to dry, please submit a Maintenance Request.  This is an indicator that either something is wrong with your machine, or lint has built up and vents may need cleaned.

  • Pets:  All damages caused by pets are charged back to tenants and can be withheld from your pet deposit and security deposit if necessary.  You are required to clean up any pet feces and other byproducts left by a pet.

  • Pest Control:  Our lease provides that any pest problems should be reported within 10-day of move in.  We will provide the first treatment.  Follow up (Maintenance) treatments can be contracted directly with the vendor of your choice if you want treatments to be continued.

  • Window Covering Damage:  You will be responsible for window coverings damage due to pets, children or improper use

  • Neglect:  Any damage deemed “neglect”…the repairs will be the responsibility of the tenant.

  • Drywall Damage: Excessive nail holes, as well as any wall damage, will be the responsibility of the tenant.

  • Smoke Alarm Batteries (after move in) are to be changed by the tenant.  You are required, per an addendum at lease signing, to keep your smoke alarm connected and operational.

  • Proper Trash Disposal:  Please dispose of any/all trash in a proper manner.


Typical items that are the landlord’s responsibility

  • HVAC malfunctions (not caused by dirty filters/ neglect)

  • Appliance malfunctions (not caused by tenant neglect)

  • Plumbing issues (not caused by improper use)

  • Hot Water Heater leaks & malfunctions

  • Landscape Irrigation (not caused by pet damage or improper use)

  • Garage Door Maintenance

  • Electrical Issues (not caused by improper use)

  • Damage caused from neighboring units


To reiterate, if there is an emergency please contact our office (702) 313-6460, or our after-hours emergency line (702) 271-7989.  However please review these guidelines in order to determine if this is a true emergency BEFORE calling our after-hours number.

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